Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Things For Father's Day

Good afternoon! Yesterday, after I finished with my latest post, I thought about doing another one last night on some things you may want to get for Father's Day... but with an almost 10 month you never know when you will get a little time to do something (the only reason I'm getting this done now is bc he is napping lol) Anyways, yesterday I ordered 2 free father's day cards and brought my terra cotta pots in to paint so my husband can make us a fountain (suuuuuper excited about that :D) Anywho, thought I would share some of those sites with you, so you can get in on the "goodies" too! Make your card and use code FREEFD totally free, personalized card! (I love this site and they have great customer service! I ordered a mother's day card that never arrived, so I called them. They gave me 5 free credits and resent the card)  use code FREECARD

I plan making another post later about some fun ways to spruce up things/places in your household without spending tons of money... I'm about to get started on some of them myself and I'm beyond excited! Hopefully, pics will come soon with some of the posts so you can see if you would like to try them or not!

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