Friday, July 15, 2011

Terra Cotta Pots Fountain!

I am very very very excited to present this next project that my husband and I got finished! We have been wanting a fountain, but 1. can't agree on one. and 2. aren't forking over tons of money for one. So, I saw a little table top fountain made of terra cotta planters and it dawned on me... Make one how we WANT! So, to Old Time Pottery we went! I got all 3 pots for $9 (Thank you coupons!) At first, I wanted to paint them with polka dots, stripes, swirls, etc. But decided on something that can be kept out for everything! I absolutely adore black and white so it was decided.... Then I thought "why not make it more personal since it will be right outside my front door?" I cut tissue paper out to the same size of printer paper and taped it on it. Then I printed "Welcome" on one piece and "friends" on another. I cut the words out of the paper as close to the letters as possible. I then mod-podged it to the pots... and let me just say "HUUUUUGE SIGH!!!!" that was very discouraging be the ink bled and made a huge mess, but we fixed it and made it look good. After some more paint, a lot of stress (lol), and letting everything dry, we were off to Home Depot for pea gravel and a water pump. My husband got all the right things and I was super excited to get home and get it finished! After using water caulk to seal the holes in the bottom of the pots and my husband putting in the pump, we ran into a small problem... the pump was to strong and blew water everywhere in our kitchen HAHA We bought the smallest pump and had it turned down so far it was almost off.... so needless to say, I was sad bc I thought I had wasted so much time and got my hopes up. Not so fast..... I still have a beautiful decoration by my front door and I won't have to deal with mosquitos bc of the water! I added some pretty fake daisie's and love the finished product! Here it is......

My 3 plain terra cotta planters
Drying after spray paint
Painted and with word's mod podged on 
After it was finished
                                                  Another shot
                                                             Top pot
                                   Middle "WELCOME" pot
                                          Bottom "FRIENDS" pot
                                While putting flowers in
  Got my daisies in (sorry it's kinda dark, took this at night)
                                                              Top pot
                                                  Finished product
                                              Welcome Friends
                                     Another shot
  Top picture of flowers (I have no clue why half of it is green??)

Finished Projects.... Part 1

Hello Everyone! So sorry it has been a while since I posted, but we had the "crud" last week, my little man has started trying to walk, and we are planning his 1st B'Day party! I can't believe he will be 1 next month... where has the time gone? But, I shall post on all of that at a later date. A few projects I have finished in the past few weeks were really good and exciting! I made a new door hanger for the 4th of July, FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! finished my terra cotter planter fountain (will describe and tell more about it in the next post!), and got our new shelf thingy in our kitchen! So here are the door hanger and shelf!
                                                      up close of the star's
                                                       Happy 4th of July!

So, let me just say a HUGE thank you to all of the military past and present for what you do for us and being so brave, strong, etc etc (I could go on for a while!). I got my dear hubby to draw the lines for me bc I can not for the life of me draw a straight line. Then I just painted the stripes and my blue box. Then I painted the stars and decided to be different (and patriotic:D) so I wrote with a sharpie (then went over it with black paint) a line from The National Anthem. I feel like this project could be done in many different holidays, plus this specific one can be used for Flag Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day, and Labor Day... and who doesn't want to make/buy something that can save you money in the long run :)

             AND FOR MY OTHER PROJECT....
I call this my kitchen shelf thingy lol I absolutely love it and can't wait to explain the story behind it! My husband's uncle was cleaning out his rental house and was going to throw this big, bulky, ugly shelf thingy with a lot of cubes in it. He asked Joey if he wanted it along with some other things and he told him we could prolly use it (How sweet he is!) So, after I saw it, I thought "where could I put this?" And it dawned on me, after a little paint, sawing, and work, it would be absolutely perfect for my newly painted red kitchen! So, I got some spray paint at the Dollar General for $0.75 (YES! It was on sale!) and we painted it black. Then Joey sawed off this big ole shelf thing off the bottom of it and made it look good. We got it up and put some of my favorite things on it (My first Willow Tree Joey bought me right after we were first married and the one he got me right before our son was born... A LOVE sign we had at one of our wedding shower's, and my chef picture that say's "Never Trust A Skinny Chef" hehe) Back to the point, It has really made our kitchen look awesome and we have gotten many compliments on it :) Just remember... You can make anything look good and how you want it!

          Love this shelf on my "cranberry whip" wall
          Close up of the shelf (excuse the clutter!)

I'm really excited to share this with everyone and can't wait to post the next few things I have been working on! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Bentley and I are going to the aquarium tomorrow with my parent's... can't wait to write a blog on that! :)