Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coupons and Savings

So, my wonderful husband got up early this morning and went to get my papers. He got me 2 Huntsville Times and 2 Chattanooga papers (no, we don't steal lol) He got home and said to check the HT bc people have been complaining about not getting their coupons... evidently, someone has been stealing them at the warehouse where Huntsville stores them here in S'boro. Mine weren't in there, so you can bet tomorrow I will be calling them bc I don't pay $3.00++ to not get anything lol Anyways, I am doing this post bc I have had tons of people ask me about saving money, coupons, etc. I posted this on Facebook, so if you are my friend on there, you have prolly seen it :)

So, I have had tons of people ask me for sites for coupons, freebies, etc. Just to make it easier on myself I will just put them in a note so anyone can see and use them. I'm not a pro at this but I have been saving money and getting freebies in the mail :) (this may not be the right site, but look them up on fb) (great magazine with toooons of coupons!) (might be .com but I think this is right)
These are just a few. Some advice from myself is:
1. set up an email address only for coupons/freebies bc majority of the time they ask for email.
2. do what feels right for you. If you want to use a binder, box, accordian file, etc. do what you like, not what others do/use.
3. if you can't find a coupon you need, use google. Just put in EX: free printable coupons for gerber baby food
(you can't go wrong with google lol)
4. Alot of people have said set up a special FB for "liking" places, but I didn't... once again do what you want.
5. "LIKE" brands, stores, sites, etc on facebook.... they keep you updated and often give coupons and freebies to their fans :)
That's about all that I have, but if you have any questions please let me know! I'm def not a pro, but I'm kind of addicted to this stuff now... no I don't dumpster dive, beg for coupons, or hoard up stuff lol I'm just trying to save money for my family so I am able to stay home with my sweet baby boy!

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