Friday, July 15, 2011

Terra Cotta Pots Fountain!

I am very very very excited to present this next project that my husband and I got finished! We have been wanting a fountain, but 1. can't agree on one. and 2. aren't forking over tons of money for one. So, I saw a little table top fountain made of terra cotta planters and it dawned on me... Make one how we WANT! So, to Old Time Pottery we went! I got all 3 pots for $9 (Thank you coupons!) At first, I wanted to paint them with polka dots, stripes, swirls, etc. But decided on something that can be kept out for everything! I absolutely adore black and white so it was decided.... Then I thought "why not make it more personal since it will be right outside my front door?" I cut tissue paper out to the same size of printer paper and taped it on it. Then I printed "Welcome" on one piece and "friends" on another. I cut the words out of the paper as close to the letters as possible. I then mod-podged it to the pots... and let me just say "HUUUUUGE SIGH!!!!" that was very discouraging be the ink bled and made a huge mess, but we fixed it and made it look good. After some more paint, a lot of stress (lol), and letting everything dry, we were off to Home Depot for pea gravel and a water pump. My husband got all the right things and I was super excited to get home and get it finished! After using water caulk to seal the holes in the bottom of the pots and my husband putting in the pump, we ran into a small problem... the pump was to strong and blew water everywhere in our kitchen HAHA We bought the smallest pump and had it turned down so far it was almost off.... so needless to say, I was sad bc I thought I had wasted so much time and got my hopes up. Not so fast..... I still have a beautiful decoration by my front door and I won't have to deal with mosquitos bc of the water! I added some pretty fake daisie's and love the finished product! Here it is......

My 3 plain terra cotta planters
Drying after spray paint
Painted and with word's mod podged on 
After it was finished
                                                  Another shot
                                                             Top pot
                                   Middle "WELCOME" pot
                                          Bottom "FRIENDS" pot
                                While putting flowers in
  Got my daisies in (sorry it's kinda dark, took this at night)
                                                              Top pot
                                                  Finished product
                                              Welcome Friends
                                     Another shot
  Top picture of flowers (I have no clue why half of it is green??)

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